Buying intimates online: What does it mean when an item is size free?

What is size free

Buying online is a great way to shop, its cheep and theirs a great selection. However, the number one problem with buying online is that you cant try before you buy.

Many items that are sold online may not meet normal US size standards and in many cases include their own sizing charts. Its important that you double check your measurements to the suppliers size chart before specifying a size. This is especially important when buying corsets online, or any intimates online. It may be helpful to have someone assist you in taking and recording your measurements to have handy when buying intimates online.

In some cases however you may find items listed with only one size: Free. What this means exactly can depend on the individual item.

Typically when an item is listed as free it is made of a stretchy material that will fit a variety of sizes. However, the material can often only stretch so much and may not fit some plus sized women. In many cases the garment may contain a size guideline in the items description. Most items stated free will fit from small to extra large. Its important to also look at the items design, robes and lace up free items typically will fit a larger range of sizes.

When unsure play the safe bet and buy an item you are sure will fit as under garnets are usually non returnable and remember to always double check the sizing chart when buying intimates online.


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